I am very fortunate to have Chris Widener as a mentor and leadership coach! Chris is quite an influence on me as he routinely offers guidance that instills perseverance, integrity and self-improvement. Chris is keenly aware of my goals and our coaching calls are always aligned to those goals. He con…
Amy Serafini, Elementary School Principal

Private Coaching

Would you like to take your personal and professional performance to it’s highest levels? Then perhaps you need Chris Widener to coach you!

Chris has coached thousand of people personally over the years. From high performance CEO’s to best-selling authors, to professional athletes to million dollar salespeople, Chris’s insights and coaching have helped them achieve their dreams.

Now, due to Chris’ very busy speaking schedule, he only take ten clients at a time, with six month minimum commitments required.

Chris is very serious about his commitment to help the clients he works with achieve extraordinary results. Unlike almost all other coaching programs, Chris does not use a cookie cutter, boilerplate approach. Chris literally starts from scratch with his clients and helps them develop a coaching program that will work for them and help them achieve the results they are looking for. This is a highly personalized process. Because of this Chris expects serious commitments from his coaching clients in both effort and investment.

Currently, Chris has coaching plans that start at just $300 a month. You also receive anytime communication with Chris to call, email or text for quick questions and advice not addressed on the weekly calls. There is a six month commitment required for coaching.

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