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Work One-On-One with Chris Widener!

Hi, I’m Chris Widener and I have been studying success for 30 years. My writings, audio programs and television shows have helped tens of millions of people all around the world. I’ve spoken on success all around the world: Russia, Singapore, China, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Germany and in 46 of the United States.

But I also have a little known program where I work with a select few people in a private, one-on-one coaching relationship, helping them better their lives, build bigger businesses, make more money, have better relationship, manage their time, make better decisions and have more joy and fulfillment in life. Let me tell you a little bit about it…

I work with a wide variety of people in my coaching practice. Some people are just starting out and some people are making over a million dollars a year. The one thing they have in common is that they want to go further and achieve more! If that is you, then we need to talk!

This is not cookie-cutter coaching. I’m not going to send you a three ring binder and walk you through a pre-set program. Frankly, how would that work when each client is different and has different needs? No, I work with you to build a coaching solution that works specifically for you! It fits your needs and helps you reach your goals.

If you join me, we will have two scheduled calls per month, up to an hour each, where we work to move you forward. Each call builds on the others. In between I will give you homework assignments, books to read, audios to listen to, and strategies to implement.

I will be your coach, mentor and confidant. I will encourage you when you need to be encouraged and I will challenge you when you need to be challenged. I will give you straight answers and direction.

Also included in my coaching program is what I call “anytime coaching.” Got a quick question in between calls? Just shoot me a text (you will have my personal cell phone number) and ask if I am available to chat for a few minutes. If I am, I will call you right away. If not, I will respond and suggest a time as soon as possible. Coaching on call, if you will!

The investment schedule for my personal, private, one-on-one coaching is as follows:

Six-month coaching, one time payment: $4000

Six-month coaching, payment plan: Three payments of $1450 – Total: $4350

One year coaching, one time payment: $7800

One year coaching, payment plan: Three payments of $2750 – Total: $8250

How would your life change if you had access to a world-class achiever and coach? My client’s results speak for themselves. Here are just two endorsements I’ve received from coaching clients:

“After reading his books, watching his seminars and being a huge fan of all the amazing content that Chris has put out throughout the years, I decided to give him a call and hire him as my personal Coach. From the first call to the last, Chris more than delivered on his word to give me the tools, strategies and insights to help me have my best year ever! In the last 12 months my personal income has increased by 45% from the year before, my company has grown, I have sharpened my leadership skills, my relationship with my wife and kids has dramatically improved and I have now started writing my first book. Chris gave me the courage and motivation to pursue what once seemed dreams into today’s reality. If you are looking to take your life to the next level, that is exactly what Chris will help you do. It will be the best choice you will ever make.” Freddy P

“Working with Chris Widener has been one of the best decisions I have made. Direct results from coaching included doubling my income in one year, establishing a personal brand, creating and executing a business plan to monetize my brand and setting clear benchmark goals for success. Chris not only aided in the achievement of fiduciary goals but encouraged me to connect to my professional goals on a deeply personal level. Becoming clear on why I wanted to achieve certain things allowed for me set bigger goals and truly create a roadmap to success. To be able to say with certainty that my dreams are becoming my reality is because of Chris’ coaching program. If you are seeking clarity, brand development, personal growth and financial gains, I could not recommend a greater program, coach and confidant.” Allison B

So, it is time to act. If you would like results like these, all you have to do is send me an email at [email protected] and we can schedule a call to see if we are a good fit to work together!

I look forward to hearing from, and working with, you! To your success, Chris

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