Speaking Services

Chris Widener

  • Has been speaking professionally since 1988 and is an internationally recognized speaker, author and radio host.
  • Has written over 450 articles, 12 books and has produced close to 80 audio programs on leadership and motivation. His articles appear monthly in close to 100 publications
  • Has shared the stage with US Presidential candidates, nationally known television news anchors, best-selling authors and professional athletes.
  • Has spoken on motivation and leadership to groups at some of America’s finest organizations such as General Electric, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and the Harvard Business School.
  • The Chris Widener Weekly E-zine has over 65,000 weekly subscribers in 105 countries, making it one of the world’s most widely distributed newsletters on success and leadership.

Chris’ Presentations Include:

Winning with Influence – Chris’ Signature Keynote

Chris will give you the insight you need on how to help influence others, whether it is in leadership, sales or any other area of life.

  • Understand the difference between “hunting” and “fishing”
  • Learn how to use “soft power” rather than “hard power”
  • Discover the two primary factors others use to determine whether they will follow you or not
  • Get the easy to understand Secrets of Magnetic Influence by using the Attraction Factor of Personal Transformation rather than Persuasion Techniques

Dare to Dream!

Do you have a dream inside that you want to let out and live? Then let Chris help you! Dare to Dream will help your group see the possibilities that lie within them. They will experience the understanding that they can change themselves, their communities, and their world.

  • Three keys to living out your dream
  • The four reasons most people don’t ever achieve their dreams
  • How to deal with people who say it is “impossible”
  • The five step plan for making your dream a reality

Secrets of Successful Teams

Do you wish you could get your team in the right track and working as a successful unit? Secrets of Successful Teams will put you on the fast track! Find out how to turn your team into a winner with:

  • The seven secrets every successful team functions with
  • The top three ways to foster communication and teamwork
  • The best way to motivate “players” at every level

Extraordinary Leaders

  • Becoming a leader people can count on
  • Practical leadership skills and character traits that will take you, and your organization, to the next level
  • Leading courageously in tough and challenging circumstances
  • Learn the real definition of leadership that will unleash your potential
  • Key “Leadership Mistakes” people make that you must avoid
  • The truth about leadership myths that most people believe

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